St. Fintan’s Church, Raheen

Saturday Shanahoe Vigil: 7.30pm
Sunday: 11.00am Tobar an Léinn N.S.
Weekdays: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10.00am -  Red Cross Centre, Raheen (See Newsletter –  Mass times subject to change) First Friday Shanahoe: 7.30pm
Holy Days as in Newsletter

about St. Fintan’s Church, Raheen

St. Brigid’s Church, Shanahoe


Vigil Mass Saturday eve: 7.30pm

Sunday: 9.30am

Wednesday: 10.00am

about St. Brigid’s Church, Shanahoe


The Vessel

In perfect rhythm the tide comes in

High and low and neap and

spring, ceaselessly moving and

shaping the land;

Breaking the shells into soft white


So too with us – with you and me;

Throughout our lives we

unceasing see

God’s hand within our calm and

our storm

Shaping us from the day we are born.

When things get tough we should not despair:

The Lord is in our trials and in our prayers,

We need only look upon Jesus’ face

To know He is our safe hiding place.